Depressants can be useful drugs when used properly.

However, when a person begins to abuse them, the chances for addiction increase. Sadly, some who develop addictions never make it to a depressants drug rehab.

38% of Abused Prescription Drugs are Depressants

Gina was a single mother of three girls who worked as a full-time lawyer. Due to her stressful job and home life, she developed an anxiety disorder. Gina’s doctor prescribed Valium to help her relax and handle day-to-day life. Little did she know that she would eventually need a depressants drug rehab.

Depressant Abuse Causes Behavioral Changes

At first, Gina’s felt like she was handling everything much better. However, after a couple of months, she began to feel the drug wasn’t working as well anymore. Without discussing it with her doctor, she upped her dosage. Gina started to miss work due to exhaustion, and began spending less time with her daughters.

The Consequences of Depressant Abuse

As Gina continued to up her dose regularly, her addiction spiraled out of control. She lost her job due to many undocumented absences, and her ex-husband took custody of her three girls. She felt Valium was the only thing she had to live for. One night, Gina became disoriented and forgot that she had already taken twice her regular amount. Confused, she reached for the bottle and took even more. She felt her breathing become more shallow as she fell asleep. She never woke up.

How Depressants Drug Rehab Could Have Helped

Had Gina been able to admit she had a problem, she may have gotten the help she needed at a depressants drug rehab. If you’re suffering from an addiction to a depressant like Valium, don’t let your story end like Gina’s. Our vast pool of resources can help you on the road to recovery. Contact us today for more information.