Depressants Drugs

Depressants drug addiction common

Depressants Drugs

Depressants drug addiction and abuse can cause many problems in your life if left unchecked. Understanding the definition of depressants drug is a good first step in preparing for recovery. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to seek the help you need.

The Definition of Depressants Drug

Depressants have been around for thousands of years, first in the form of alcohol and opioids, and more recently as prescription medications. Depressants slow down the central nervous system. These relaxing effects help those suffering from certain medical problems, including insomnia, anxiety and seizure disorders.

However, when people abuse depressants, they can have a negative impact on all parts of your life, from your health to your career.

How People Abuse Depressant Drugs

Depressants give users a sense of euphoria, which is what keeps them coming back to their drug of choice. Users can easily build up a tolerance over time, which can cause long-term problems. This tolerance may lead them to take a larger dose of the drug than their physician prescribes. Even worse, they may graduate to a more powerful depressant.

For example, someone who develops an alcohol addiction may find that he or she is spending a lot of money on alcohol, when Valium will give him or her a better effect for the same amount of money. Over time, the person will build up a dangerous tolerance, and may even proceed to a more powerful drug. Sometimes, this even ends in a heroin addiction. Thus, the cycle continues.

Detox From Depressant Drugs

In order to begin depressant drug recovery, individuals must first go through a detox process. While this process is uncomfortable, it’s also a necessary first step toward sobriety. Many people who attempt to detox on their own relapse quickly because they can’t handle the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. They also don’t have the accountability necessary to keep them on the right track. Some of the symptoms that cause people to relapse include:

Vomiting | Agitation | Muscle pain | Sweating

Most of these symptoms dissipate after a few days. Nonetheless, these are unpleasant to tackle alone. Attending a medically managed detox facility where physicians are able to watch you around the clock and treat symptoms with medication (when necessary) is highly recommended.

Rehab and Recovery

If you’re seeking long-term recovery, start by finding a rehab facility with a well-rounded treatment program. The best facilities offer dual-diagnosis treatment, exhaustive counseling services and behavioral therapy. They may also include experiential therapies like meditation to help you develop better coping skills.

Now that you understand the definition of depressants drug, don’t wait another day to free yourself from the hold of addiction. We can put you in touch with the detox and/or rehab facility that’s right for you.